AAR: Augmenting a Wearable Augmented Reality Display
with an Actuated Head-Mounted Projector

University of Waterloo

Download AAR Paper in pdf
Download AAR Paper in pdf
Download AAR Paper in pdf
Download AAR Paper in pdf

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Current wearable AR devices create an isolated experience with a limited field of view, vergence-accommodation conflict, and difficulty communicating the virtual environment to observers. To address these issues and enable new ways to visualize, manipulate, and share virtual content, we introduce Augmented Augmented Reality (AAR) by combining a wearable AR display with a wearable spatial augmented reality projector. To explore this idea, a system is constructed to combine a head-mounted actuated pico projector with a Hololens AR headset. Projector calibration uses a modified structure from motion pipeline to reconstruct the geometric structure of the pan-tilt actuator axes and offsets. A toolkit encapsulates a set of high-level functionality to manage content placement relative to each augmented display and the physical environment. Demonstrations showcase ways to utilize the projected and head-mounted displays together, such as expanding field of view, distributing content across depth surfaces, and enabling bystander collaboration.


The AAR Toolkit is available as open-source code on GitHub. The AAR Toolkit provides code and Unity samples to enable the rendering and interaction of AAR content.

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